Referral Program Questions

Learn how you can save more on international shipping by inviting your friends to

How do I get started?

Every customer receives a personal referral link that can be utilized for endorsing our services. We also designed a fancy referrals stats page where you can invite your friends and keep track on your referrals performence. The referral link can be accessed from the Account Information section within the USendHome control panel.

How will referrals be awarded?

Referrals will be awarded via shipping credit. Available credit automatically appears on the checkout page in the form of a shipping discount.

How do I earn the shipping credit?

We made it super simple! Anyone you refer to USendHome that signs up using your unique referral link will immediately receive $5 in shipping credit. In return for helping us spread the word, we’ll give you $5 for each friend that signs up, once they have delivered their first package with us.

When do I receive my shipping credit?

You will receive your credits after your referral releases a package for delivery (excluding Return-to-Sender shipments)

What is a pending referral?

A pending referral means that a user has signed up with your unique referral link, but has not yet released a package for delivery for the payout to occur.

Is there a limit for the shipping credit I can earn?

Nope! There is no limit to how many friends you can refer and shipping credits you can earn :)