Package Consolidation & Package Forwarding Service Questions

Explore how USendHome package consolidation and package forwarding extra services can change the way you ship from the US.

Do you offer package consolidation service?

Yes! If you're expecting multiple parcels this is the best service you can use to reduce shipping costs. On your request, we will consolidate items of selected parcels into one shipment, so you will be paying for only one shipment and all items will be forwarded at the same time. This is a win-win situation as you save both time and money!

Enjoy great discounts by ordering such services in advance before your orders arrive to your USendHome address. Unleash the power of USendHome package consolidation service by enabling it through your control panel now!

Check out this tutorial to get you started quickly.

Can I add items to my shipment after the package consolidation request has been completed?

Unfortunately this is not an option. Once we complete your consolidation request no further actions allowed and you can only release your parcel for delivery. Please make sure all parcels are listed before you request this service.

No USPS methods available for my consolidated package, is there a reason why?

The USPS has a specific mailing conditions for every country. If you only want to ship with the USPS, make sure you select this option: "Split my items into multiple boxes if 1 box is too big for the USPS" when you request the Package Consolidation service. Our operations staff will use the minimum number of boxes required for your items.

Click here to see the complete mailing conditions for your country.

How can I tell my package isn't damaged?

We keep track of the condition of every package we receive. You can see that information through your control panel under the incoming packages tab.

Note: USendHome may refuse to receive any parcel that shows clear signs of damage. This action is taken for your benefit since such parcels can't be delivered abroad and must be returned to the merchant.

Can I receive the Pre-Ordered extra services discount for my consolidated package?

Absolutely! just tell us what extra services you're interested in before you ask us to merge your selected items into one shipment.

Log into your control panel and select the extra services you would like our operations staff to take on your consolidated package. Now What's left to do is to select the packages you want us to consolidate into 1 box and we will handle it from there.

Check out this tutorial to get you started.

How can I verify that all my items arrived?

USendHome provides package content photos that can be ordered via your control panel. At your request, we will take one to three photos of your items and upload them into your control panel. Click on the package number to see the photos. If you notice a missing item, you may return the parcel back to the merchant through your control panel.

When will my order be dispatched?

We dispatch orders on a first-paid-first-out basis. Get your order to the top of the pile by purchasing the express checkout service.

In general, orders are dispatched within 1 working day after successful payment is received.

Do you provide a service to check that my electronic device is working properly?

Yes, custom requests such as this can be purchased via our customized services within your control panel. Just describe in detail what actions you want our operations staff to perform and we will take care of it for you. You will only be charged if we successfully manage to complete your request.

Can you fill in the customs declaration on my behalf?

Yes, we offer a customs declaration paperwork service to answer such needs. Order the service for your package and we will fill out the customs paperwork for you. You can review the completed declaration during your checkout process.

I suspect the merchant has packed my items in a large package, can you repack my goods to reduce shipping costs?

Yes, our trained operations staff will try to reduce shipping costs by moving your items into proper packaging if you order our repacking service. Envelopes can reduce up to 40 percent of shipping costs. This is one of our secret weapons in reducing the shipping costs for our clients.

The cost of transporting a shipment can also be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.

Is it possible for you to take photos of package contents for every incoming package?

Yes, there are two types of extra services:

  • On Demand - extra services ordered after we receive the package
  • Pre-Ordered - extra services ordered in advance before the package is received.

The second type is what you're looking for. Just tell us what extra services you're interested in before your orders arrive at your mailbox. Pre-Ordered extra services benefit from significant discounts; not only will your packages be displayed in your control panel ready for delivery, but you save great deal of money.

Check out this tutorial to get you started in no time.

How long can I store my packages in your warehouse?

We offer 10 days of free storage for a single package and 30 days for consolidated packages. We will notify you by email 3 days before your free storage quota runs out. A fee will be applied for each day the free quota is exceeded.

The maximum storage time is 90 days. After that, the goods will be considered abandoned and we may dispose of them in any manner permitted by law.

Do I have to notify you of every package I deliver to your distribution center?

No, you will be notified of every incoming package we receive that is addressed to your personal USendHome address. Sit back, relax and wait for the greeting email that notifies you the second your order is available in your control panel.