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Package Shipping Calculator

Package Shipping Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship within the USA?

Yes, if you're a reseller this service is just for you. Ship your orders to us and reship to your customers in the US and around the world easily.
*Available only for business accounts.

Can I ship alcoholic beverages internationally?

alcoholic beverages can't be transported internationally. see this question and check out the complete list of restircted items.

Does USendHome support weekend delivery?

The warehouse working week is Monday through Friday. To prevent any unnecessarily delays in processing your package, please don't select the weekend delivery option as it requires a second delivery attempt.

I would like to deliver an expensive item to my USendHome address, what is the preferred method to ship it to my address?

We recommend you purchase our insurance for every item valued at more than $100. Additionally, it is also recommended to ship expensive items with an express carrier to take advantage of a door-to-door service that eliminates the risk of theft.

Can you check that my iPhone works propely before I release it for delivery?

Sure, just list the actions you would like our operations staff to take and we will report back with out findings. The customized services feature was designed primary to give USendHome members the option to verify that an electronic device works properly before it is being delivered internationally. This saves time, money and the frustration of receiving a malfunctioning item.

Is the postal code really required?

Postal code when available is a crucial data for finding accurate rates in postage calculator. Express carrier methods will not be / wrongly displayed if the postal code is invalid or missing. Make sure you always include the complete postal code for the package destination.