USendHome Fees Explained, Nothing is Hidden

Package Processing

We charge a flat-rate $1 Package Processing fee for every package that arrives at our warehouse.
For example, if you ask us to merge items from 3 orders into one shipment you would pay a $3 Package Processing fee when you release your consolidated package for delivery.

Package Consolidation

You pay $2 per package for our Package Consolidation service if you ask us to consolidate your packages before they arrive. The service is $3 per package if you decide to consolidate your packages once they're already here. Save $1 on all deliveries by selecting this service for all incoming packages in your control panel.


We store your packages safely until you are ready for shipment. Single packages are stored for free for 10 days and then charged $1 per day starting on day 11. Consolidated packages are stored for free for 30 days, and then charged $1 per day starting on day 31. The arrival time of consolidated packages is considered to be the arrival time of the first received package. For example, if we merge items from 2 packages, one received at May 10 and the second received at May 16, the storage duration of the consolidated package starts from May 10.

Please note that every completed Package Consolidation request must be released for delivery within 3 days. Storage fees will be applied to shipments that don't meet this criteria.

Payment Processing

We apply a Payment Processing fee once you are ready to have your packages shipped to you. The fee is 4.5% of your total shipping cost and is assessed to cover your credit card's transaction fees. This fee is separate from the $1 Package Processing fee.

Incomplete USendHome Address

Please include your private mailbox number on orders shipped to our warehouse. If this information is not included, we cannot identify to whom the package belongs. Packages that do not have this information are assessed a $5 fee per package. The first package received is exempt from this fee but all packages following are assessed.
Shipments lacking this information make it harder to identify the proper recipient and delay processing your package. Just make sure your private mailbox is included to get your packages updated in your control panel as they come in.

Heavy Package

Packages received at our warehouse that weight over 50 pounds will be assessed a $10 Heavy Package fee.

Return Label Processing

Packages returned to the vendor that include a prepaid return label will be assessed a $10 Return Label Processing fee to cover the costs for preparing and returning your packages for you.

EEI Documentation Handling

Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing is generally required by the US Census Bureau for exports that contain a single commodity's value exceeding $2,500.00. We charge $40 flat fee if EEI document is required for your shipment. Please note that we can't ship a package if the value of any item exceeds $2500 via the USPS due to complicated regulations. Only express carriers shipping method (FedEx and etc) will be available at checkout.