See What Makes USendHome Package and International Shipping Experience Easy & Affordable

Easy, Breezy Control Panel

Monitor all of your incoming packages from our user-friendly interface. Order extra services, package consolidation and view your order history with just one click. We've harnessed technology that enables you to deliver your online US purchases directly to your home address anytime, anywhere.

Package Consolidation

Use our efficient service to get affordable international shipping. Consolidate multiple orders into one shipment and cut down 80% on shipping costs. Pay once and have your items delivered all together.

Automatic Package Tracking

Our automated package tracking system notifies you instantly when each new shipping update arrives. All USendHome shipping methods contain a tracking number so you can always monitor your package route. No need to check for new updates manually, we'll automatically send you the up-to-date status.

No Hassle Insurance

Get your precious items protected with our comprehensive insurance policy. No need to deal with claim forms for lost or damaged goods. Just send us the invoice of the damaged package and receive your cheque in the mail. Insurance is available for all shipping services USendHome offers.

Easy-to-Use International Shipping Calculators

We have two convenient international shipping calculators to help you easily decipher the most affordable shipping rates for your packages before you ship them to our distribution center. Also, there is no need to guess the dimensions for items purchased online through Amazon in the USA Just use the Amazon shipping calculator and let us handle the rest. For all other US brands you can take a look at our package shipping calculator to find the best rates.

Extra Package Forwarding Services You'll Love

Gain full control of your incoming packages. We provide all of our users with a wide range of extra services to create a simple package forwarding experience. Check out our complete list of extra services below.

Package content photos service

Package Content Photos

Missing or damaged items are a common - and frustrating - occurrence with the large volume of packages shipped nowadays. We take photos of the items in your packages so you can catch mistakes on the spot. Please note that this extra service isn't available with package consolidation, you would need to order it separately for every package you would like us to consolidate.

Package repacking service


Parcel size affects international shipping costs significantly. Larger isn't always better and quite often merchandise is shipped in packaging that is too large. Guess what? This leads to higher shipping rates! We will repack your items into smaller packaging so you can save some cash for additional USA online shopping!

International package delivery paperwork service

Customs Declaration Paperwork

Don't waste your time filling out tedious official forms; let us do that for you. We can fill out the customs declaration paperwork with the exact information needed to ensure that you comply with your local shipping laws and your parcel delivery doesn't get caught up in red tape.

Expedite package processing service

Express Checkout

We process packages in First-In-First-Processed order. This includes extra services and out-for-delivery processing. Expedite your package processing by ordering this extra service and get your package pushed to the top of the list so your shopping gets delivered faster.

Package content extra protection service

Extra Protection

Shipping fragile items? don't worry we got this covered. Add layers of protection to ensure breakables make it safely overseas by ordering this extra service. We will place the cushioning all around your items to prevent them from shifting for maximum protection.

Customized services for affordable international shipping

Customized Services

You can ask our trained operations staff to take specific actions on your items, if you wish. This can be anything from checking that an electronic device you have ordered works correctly, through to a range of more advanced operations.