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Amazon Shipping Calculator

Amazon Shipping Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon shipped my items separately, can you ship them in 1 shipment?

Sure, USendHome package consolidation service answers such need. Just let us know what items to merge through your control panel and we will find the most appropriate box to fit them all. Follow along with the package consolidation tutorial to get you started quickly.

Will I have to pay sales tax if I send my item to your warehouse?

It depends on so many complicated conditions, the easiest way to determine if sales tax will be applied to your order is to use your USendHome address at checkout then just proceed to the final step just before payment and there you will reveal this great mystery.

Are there any items you can't ship internationally?

Yes, there are prohibited items that can't be shipped internationally, make sure to review this question before you deliver any order to your USendHome address. Please note that restricted items must be returned back to the sender.

I don't see any shipping methods for my item, will I be able to ship it anyway?

This usually happens when we couldn't get the required data from Amazon. You can get the dimensions and weight of your item directly from the seller and then just run this data through the package calculator to find matching methods. Don't ship any item to your USendHome address before you verify that it can be forwarded to your address.

Can I calculate the shipping costs for Amazon items without leaving Amazon's website?

Yes, this cool feature is now available! The app finds available shipping methods for all items in your Amazon shopping cart and it does it with a single click while you navigate through Amazon website. The days where you had to toggle between multiple tabs are finally over! Click here to see how this magic works.

Amazon suggested a slightly different address than my USendHome address at checkout, which address should I choose?

Using both addresses will end up your item in our warehouse. Pick the shortest one and don't forget to include your private USendHome mailbox so we could update the package in your control panel quickly.